Child Consecration

Beyond Consecration

     Praise Jesus! You have completed your Consecration. It is recommended to renew this Consecration each year at the same time by repeating the 33 days of preparation followed by renewal of one’s Consecration.

     In addition, consider saying the abbreviated version of the Consecration daily:

I belong entirely to you, dear Mother, and all that I have is yours. O Mary, I take you for my all; give me your heart. Amen.

     Indeed, going forward following this journey, we want to be fruitful. We are told in the Gospel, “Every good tree bears good fruit Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down” (Mt 7:17,19).

     Through our Consecration, we have put ourselves under the care of Our Blessed Mother. We have promised to give her everything, and in turn, she offers us great protection and love. We have set out on a road of purification and sanctification so that we may pass smoothly through the narrow gate. This means daily efforts to live the Will of God in our lives. Following Mary’s example, we should try to live a simple, humble life while not concerning ourselves too much with the difficulties that come. These difficulties will pass.

     We must pray a great deal! St. Louis de Montfort states, “The Hail Mary is a Heavenly dew which fertilizes the soul.”15 Therefore, if we cultivate a practice of prayer, this helps us become more fruitful. The last nine days of the Consecration involved daily prayer of the Rosary. We recommend continuation of this daily practice.

     In addition to praying at home, it is also extremely helpful to participate in a prayer group such as the Children’s Rosary. This is a prayer group movement for children where the children come together in parishes, schools, or orphanages to pray the Rosary as a prayer group. If there is not a group near you, consider starting one. More information can be found at the group’s website:

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